May wishlist - Things i would like this month


May wishlist

I have decided to do another wishlist as last time I did my April wishlist you guys loved it, I was thinking of making this a monthly thing as I alway find something I want to buy! So once again I have found a few items I wish to purchase this month if I get round to it. Whilst I'm talking I am very sorry about not having a post for you guys last week, if you don't know already because you don't follow my twitter, I wrote a post scheduled it and all that and then I came to check it was scheduled and BAM it had gone and I didn't have enough time to do it again and had no other posts written, that will teach me to write more posts in advance! I'm going to stop rambling now and get started.

Lumee phone case - Rose gold

I have seen these cases going around for a long time now and I wanted one as soon as I saw them, but they are really expensive. The Lumee cases light up at the front to give better lighting for selfies etc. You can get theses cases in all different colours, but I would really like the rose gold one as it is stunning, I hope to get one this month, but they are around £20 and I might end up spending on something else, but this is at the top of my list!

Mom jeans - Black

I'm not 100% sure if these will suit me, but I really want to try a pair and if they suit me then I'll get them. I love the mom style jeans and I think they look great with a cute top and they just look so comfortable and cute. I would like the black pair if I was going to get any because I feel as so black goes with anything and everything, I'm sure most of you would agree with me!

Lush products

This may sound silly but I really want to stock up on lush products. Currently, I only have 1 bath bomb and I really want a collection, so I have decided to buy a few each time in go into Lush to add to my collection. I love Lush, but sometimes I think they can be expensive, I don't think people would agree but 1 product can be at least £5 and if you only get to bathe in it once that is pretty expensive.I don't want to get any hate but that is just my opinion. I am just going to slowly buy things and add them to my collection instead of splashing £100 at once on them.

This month there are not loads of items I would like, but these three things (depending on how much I buy in Lush) come to around £70, which I think is enough money spent on me for a month as I like to buy other things not just the things included in this post, I suppose everyone does.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I really love writing these as I end up doing a little shopping at the same time, don't tell anyone shh. Oh, before I forget to say I just got snapchat! My name is Aquatera if you would like to add me and I will come up on your account as Aquatera blog. If you would like to follow my snapchat you will see sneak peeks of what I'm planning for future posts and you will see what I get up to in a day!

If you recommend any products you think I will like a feel free to contact me using the links below or just comment, I love replying to all of your comments you are all so sweet and kind. Have a lovely week!

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  1. Black mom jeans would look so nice! I have actually never tried anything from Lush (I know, it's crazy!) so I would love to try something soon! What is your favourite Lush product?x

    Erin // Everything Erin


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