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Blog post checklist

I know as a new blogger sometimes it can be really hard to put together a blog post which will both interest the audience and be enjoyable to read.When creating content for my blog I used to always forget key features of a post, but ever since I have been using the checklist I created I feel my posts have been of a better quality, I hope you guys agree.

I have obviously jazzed my checklist up for you guys as before it was just a document I would go through, but I have made it into a proper checklist so that you guys can print multiple copies and tick things off as you go.

I have put together this checklist for everyone's use, it is completely free. I just want to say the things on this list are what help me and they may help you, but then again it may not be right for you.Give it ago, if it doesn't work why not make one yourself?

  • Taken
  • Edited
  • Saved
  • Relevant
Things to remember
  • Look at your stats
  • Reply to comments
  • Join tweet chats
  • Be yourself
  • Written
  • Spelling + grammar checked
  • Read aloud at least twice
  • Linked to previous posts
  • Aligned  
  • Shared on social medias -Twitter etc
  • Schedule tweets
  • Share post link on various blogger chats
Before hitting publish
  • Links to your social medias
  • Labeled - I.e "Fashion"
  • Signature

I hope that you can find a use for my checklist somewhere in your life if you are a blogger. If you are not a blogger I am sorry that this post hasn't been any help to you, but who knows in the future you may start a blog and need it!

I also like to thank you all for helping me hit 200 followers on blog lovin'' i have gained so many so quick and just want you all to know i appreciate it so much!

If you would like to download or print my checklist click below

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