What's in my bag?


What's in my bag?

I don't carry many things around in my bag on a daily basis, but I wanted to do a whats in my bag post as I like reading them and i like to post content that I would enjoy reading on someone else's blog.

My Bag is from Accessorize. It is blue with a little pouch at the front, it also has a main compartment with a zip.On both sides of the main compartment, there are little compartments done up with a button. I am unable to tell you what it is actually called as they no longer sell it on the website, but I paid £35 for it and it is a lovely light blue and the perfect size for everyday use!

What is in my bag...

My Keys: I always carry around my keys and keep them in my bag because if they didn't live in my bag I would never know where they are, and I think everyone knows why I have keys so I'm not going to explain.

Mango hand cream - The Body Shop: I like to always have a hand cream on me especially in the winter, even though it's spring now because I hate having rough, dry hands, so I like to carry around a hand cream to keep them soft and healthy!

Tissues: I think most people carry around tissues because wherever you are you or someone else will need one so it is nice just to have them on you if you need them.

Hair comb: Most people carry a hair brush but I think a hair comb is much easier to fit in your bag and does just as good job as a hairbrush does!

Pen: When don't you need a pen?

Nail file: Every day I go out I seem to chip or break a nail and I can't stand having a nail that is catching on everything I touch so a nail file helps me keep my jagged nails under control whilst I'm out and about.

Nivea lip balm: My lips always seem to be dry, even in the summer so I have to take one wherever I go.

Pocket mirror: Having a little pocket mirror really come in handy sometimes, especially if its raining and you want to see if your mascara has run or you just need to top up your lipstick but there is no place nearby to do it.

Purse: In my purse I keep my bank cards,cash and any loyalty cards such as superdrug, costa etc. I take my purse everywhere and I'm sure most people do, wherever you go you need a purse.

I don't tend to carry makeup around with me because last time I did that everything leaked in my bag and went over everything and it just scarred me for life.  I have read many whats in my bag posts and they all seem to have makeup in, but I don't carry  this is quite a short post.

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  1. Great post! And cute bag! Sorry that you're mentally scared from your makeup spill. >_< I know that's something that I always take with me, in case I need to fix it up a bit. :)


  2. Love these kind of posts!! And your bag is gorgeous! :) x


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