April wishlist ~ what i would like this month


April wishlist

Hello guys, welcome back to another post! I hope you have all had a lovely week and a lovely easter and have enjoyed your time off if you had any. This week decided to do an April wishlist as I have some things I would like to buy this month and I have planned to go on a big shopping trip soon and thought this wishlist would act as my shopping list if you know at I mean.

Mac lipstick - Whirl

I have always wanted this mac lipstick but I always end up putting off buying it, so this month I have decided that if I do go on a shopping trip (as my nearest mac is where I go on shopping trips) then I will buy it! Who cannot want this lipstick?

Adidas Superstars

Adidas superstars are the shoes to have at the moment, everywhere you look they are there, and I absolutely love them! I feel as so they will go with any outfit especially the white and black ones (the ones I want) so this is why they are on my wish list!

Naked palettes

Another makeup product! I always see makeup tutorials on youtube and nearly everyone one has a naked palette in it. I think the colours are great for everyday use and even though they are expensive I feel as so I would get lots of use out of them, so I don't mind spend £40 each on the palettes.

Pandora ring - Birthstone - December

Even though I was not born in December, I still want this ring! The colour is amazing, and it is also my favourite colour. I want the December ring over my actual birthstone ring, which is September, is because I think the September colour isn't very nice. I think it is too dark and a bit boring, but that is just my opinion.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you want to see any more wishlist posts comment below or contact me through my contact page or my links below. Also, make sure you follow me on all my social media especially Bloglovin, as I am so close to 100 followers!What would you like this month?

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  1. Your blog is the sweetest! I adore the look of the Naked palettes and that Pandora ring is beautiful :D I'm always wanting a different colour to my own birthstone too, haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you lovely! i have checked out your blog and it is so cute,i have also followed you on Bloglovin and instsgram!The links to all my social media are at the bottom of each post and in the side bar!

  2. I love this post; I've been after the original Naked palette for so long! I have the birthstone ring, it's so beautiful, I'd have went for Decembers if I didn't like my original stone!

    I love your blog so have nominated you in the Leibster award tag! Its to help recognize small/new blogs. Just answer the 11 questions and tag 5 new blogs with less than 500 followers. Rules are on my blog. Enjoy!


    1. Thank you hun for the nomination! what's your twitter account ill follow you and i'm glad you enjoyed the post!

    2. You're very welcome! It's @katie676 :)

  3. You got such a nice wish list, The naked palette is amazing. Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin :)

    1. Sure, i'll make sure i go follow you now on bloglovin! thank you for your lovely comment :)

  4. M.A.C lipsticks are always worth it:)! lol Happy you got to finally get those items.


    1. Really considering getting one! be sure to follow my twitter https://twitter.com/Aquatera261 i checked out your blog and it is so cute!


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