Skin care ~ My nighttime weekend skin care routine


My nighttime weekend skin care routine

Hey, guys! Today I'm back with a weekend skin care routine! I have seen other bloggers do posts like this and thought I'll do one myself! I have decided not to show you all the products I use as this post would end up begin so long is would be unreal. So, I am just going to show you my favourites from my weekend skin routine.

Step 1 -  On a weekend I usually have a bath either on Saturday or Sunday, this is when I use my 5-minute thermal detox mask from Sanctuary. I love this so much, it makes my skin feel so soft and fresh. The detox mask opens up your pores and cleanses them from all the impurities, it is also a charcoal mask which I find are better, I don't know why but I just like them better. After 5 minutes I wash it off, as it would be a bit silly to leave it on.

Step 2 - My next step is to use my Sanctuary moisture burst facial wash that gently gets rid of dirt and impurities. I do this whilst I am in the bath still, I tend to leave this facial wash on for about 2 minutes to let it soak in then I will grab a warm flannel and gently wash it off. This wash has little bits in it, I think they are little exfoliating balls, but I'm not to sure.

Step 3 - Once I'm out of the bath and dry e.t.c I put on my Nivea cream. I put quite a lot of it on my face  even though it is quite a greasy cream as my cheeks tend to get quite dry in the winter/ cold months. I let the Nivea cream soak in whilst brush my hair and do all the other stuff I need to do.

Step 4 - The last step to my weekend skincare routine is moisturising my whole body. To do this is use the Dove nourishing lotion. I use this all over my body to help my skin stay smooth and soft as personally I hate having dry, rough skin. To me the Dove body lotion is great, it smells amazing and it does exactly what I want it to!

So, that's my nighttime weekend skin care routine. All the products featured in this post can be bought in any drug store or supermarket at a low price. Comment any products you recommend for skin and I'll check them out! I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks post and if you have any questions or requests on any post you would like to see my links are below.

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