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Hey, guys! Sorry for missing last week's post, I have been very busy lately with school work and other things, I didn't have time to plan a post or write one. You will probably already know this if you follow my twitter, click here if you want to follow me. Anyway, this week I asked on twitter what you would like to see and a personal post got the most votes, so this post is all about star signs and if their meanings are true...

Some of you may know, but some of you may not, but my star sign is Libra because my birthday is between September 23rd and October 22nd. If you don't know what your star sign is I will leave a little picture of them with the dates at the bottom of the post.

There are many pictures that make their way through social medias every day that tell you about  star signs and what traits we should have because of our sign. So I'm writing this post to see if they are right (obviously if they are right for me, doesn't mean they are right for you, that's why I think this is more of a personal post).Many pictures say many different things so I'm going to find some meanings and see if they actually relate to me in any way, I have just typed in google images Libra meanings. 

The first picture I came across said "They can easily hide what they are really feeling or thinking. You may never know they are upset until it really gets under their skin and then they explode in a fit of anger. People need to really be attentive." For me, this is COMPLETLY true. I am the sort of person that holds in my feelings so those around me do not know how I'm feeling, even those closest to me. I tend to let myself believe that I am meant to be strong for those around me and that I can't show my feelings as I have to stay strong to help others through their hard times; be a good friend.I also feel this is true because I do build up all my feelings and then suddenly I can't hold them in any longer and I burst, but not always with anger. I always build up my feelings and then I will have a week where I'm down and that's my feelings coming out.

The second picture I found was about how to know if a libra really likes you and it said "Libras are notorious flirts, but if they are attracted to you they will make you feel like your are wanted, and the most important person in the world! They will shower you with gifts and compliments. They will go out their way to hang out with you, they will always answer your calls and texts, and they will never back out on plans." I would say that this doesn't relate to me.  If I like someone I try to keep my distance, I will talk to them but not as much as if I didn't like them as I don't want them to find out that I like them. Some other Libra's may buy gifts and shower someone with compliments, but I know for sure I don't, because then it would be obvious I liked them. I'm sure many people are like me and don't want a person to find out that you like them because I find things become awkward if they find out and don't like me in the way I like them.

The last picture I want to talk about says "It's very common for Libra to have a sincere love for something involving creativity, like fashion, music, painting or designing. this is where their greatest talents come from." This is half right about me as I love fashion! Fashion is my everything. I'm always out buying new clothes, shoes, and jewelry etc. But I wouldn't say it is one of my  talents, as I do not design clothes as I am absolutely rubbish at drawing, and to me drawing is a big part of fashion and designing. Even though I'm good at putting outfits together and picking out shoes and jewelry that go really well, it's not my talent, sadly. I do wish i could be a fashion designer, but i just do not have the creative mind needed for the job.

On the whole, I do think these little meanings of Libra are mostly true as I found that 11/2  were right for me out of the 3. Some people may not believe these predictions of how a person is depending on there star sign, but after writing this post , i believe them more than i did. Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks post, and if you wasnt what you were expecting from me of a personal post sorry, but to me i find this pretty personal.

If you don't know what star sign you are and want to here's a little grid of the dates and what the sign is, and comment your star sign.

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