January favourites 2016


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January favourites

I have had many favourites this month, so I have picked out the ones I have been loving the most. My monthly favourites include a variety of products from foods to perfumes. I will try not to ramble on through this post, as I know I sometimes I write and write about pointless things then the post becomes boring.

The first product I have been liking this month is the So...? Rock Me perfume. I have been using it nearly every day through January and I have nearly run out already so I will need to go get a new one soon. The scent is quite sweet and strong enough that you can smell it, but not so strong that it is overpowering. Personally, I wear the perfume to school and keep it in my bag, as it isn't really expensive perfume so if I lose it I can just go buy another one. I got mine from Superdrug for £5.99 but on the website now it is down to £2.99.

Another product I have been loving is the sweets, Fruit Salad. These sweets are amazing, I love them so much, they are addictive! I can't even explain how good they taste. Fruit salad cost about £1 from anywhere Tesco, Asda, Poundland anywhere.There isn't much more I can say about these other than you need to try these if you don't try them your missing out.

My go to nail varnish this month is the Rimmel London 203 'lose your lingerie' 60 seconds. The colour is a very light pink almost white, so I use two coats to make sure it is more of a pink. I love this nail varnish so much,  I have used  nearly a quarter of it already. This particular varnish is from the Rita Ora range and costs around £2.99 from boots or Superdrug. I really recommend this nail varnish as it dries so quickly, so if you are running late and want to do your nails this is a good varnish to use. I find that it is a very hard wearing  and doesn't seem it chip as much as any other varnishes I use.

As you can probably tell I like food. So my next favourite is Maryland gooey cookies. I just love these cookies they are crunchy but then inside they are all chocolatey and gooey. I like to dip the cookies in a cup of tea as then the chocolate inside becomes warm and even more gooey. The outside is filled with chocolate chips, I can't describe how chocolatey and good they taste!

The last thing I have been loving this month is Spotify. I have been loving Spotify because it just has every single song you want, you just type it in and its there. I like to listen to all different songs from Disney to the top 40. You can make your own playlist with whatever music you want, you can make it a public playlist so other people can listen to it or you can make it private so only you can listen to it. In between songs, there may be a few ads, but you can't avoid them unless you get Spotify Premium, which you have to pay for I think its about £3 a month.

So, that is what I have been loving this month, I hope you enjoyed reading my January favourites 2016 and I think I am going to do a favourites post for every month if I have some things I have been loving.

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  1. I have also been loving Spotify, and I think it's really cheap with the student discount!
    www.itsagirlthingblogging.com xx


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