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Hey, Guys! you're probably all wondering why there is a post up on a Wednesday, right? Well, here's you answer. I thought I would just make a short post to tell you all about Bloglovin and how it works, so if your have never heard of Bloglovin' or want to know more, carry on reading. Also, before I you carry on reading click the link at the bottom or at the top of the post to go follow me.

Bloglovin' is a huge social media platform that many people use to get their blog or websites 'out there'. Some bloggers have large followings on the Bloglovin' allowing them to get lots of traffic every day on their blog or website with not much effort.

When someone posts something on their blog it will pop up in their followers feed. To see when a blogger has a new post you have to be following them.For example, if you were not following me my new blog posts would not pop up in your feed where as if you were the post will. When a you see a post in your feed ou want to read more on  you can just click on it and it will take you straight to their blog. So really, Bloglovin is just an easier way of keeping up to date with all your favourite bloggers and their posts.

I really recommend you sign up to Bloglovin' if you haven't already as it is a really good way to keep up with all the updates of favourite bloggers. It is also a good way to help get traffic for your blog if you own one and don't have a Bloglovin' account already!  

Go follow my Bloglovin' by clicking here this will keep you up to date will all my posts!
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