Are you a shopaholic? ~ The shopaholic tag


The Shopaholic tag

This week I have decided to do the shopaholic tag, as I love shopping, there is no other explanation  for it, so here it is 'the shopaholic tag'.


1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

In some ways yes, but in other ways no. Sometimes I will go full-on shopping mode and buy anything and everything I see in any shop, whether I need  it or not.But other times I stick to a bit of window shopping and just look at all the things I want to buy and then remember I'm window shopping because I have spent all my money on pointless things.

2. How do you classify your style?

I would say my style has a hint of girly as I'm not a 'girly girl', and also unique I guess as everyone likes different styles of clothing. I like wearing jeans more than skirts and converse more than heels on an everyday basis, but I'm not saying I don't like  wearing a cheeky pair of heels now and then.

3. What store can you not leave without buying, at least, one thing?

I know many people love this store and many others don't, but I'm one of the people who love it and its Primark! Every time I go to this shop I come out with at least one item, whether it's socks or hand sanitizer, I always seem to find something to buy and something I go away loving.

4. Where do you find the best deals?

Personally, I find the best deals on I find this website constantly has sales and free delivery codes all over their site and if I'm getting £10 off something I don't mind looking through 12 pages to find something that I am going to love.

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for?

If I'm totally honest with you, I'm a sucker for well-known brands. I don't know if they are classed as designer, I mean they are not Louis Vuitton but  the brands I like are not exactly cheap. For example, I love Hollister, Jack wills and when it comes to shoes I love big brands like Converse and Nike etc.

6. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit?

The answer to this is no.I tend to wear anything that is comfortable and that won't make me too hot as some shops can be really warm. I also try to wear something that doesn't include many layers so if I want to try something on I'm not taking hours just to get my clothes off. But I always wear socks this may sound weird to some of you, you are probably thinking why wouldn't you wear socks. But if I'm wearing sandals (I don't wear socks with these) then i end up wanting to buy shoes, but not having any socks to see if they fit me right, so I always make sure I don't wear sandals or anything that doesn't require socks and I wear something I need socks for, otherwise I will forget to bring them and won't be able to buy shoes because I don't know if they will fit right with socks.

7. What is your guilty pleasure? (excluding make up)

Jewelry, I love it. Necklaces, bracelets not so much earrings though, but I love it especially when accessorize have a sale on, I can't get enough!

8. What is one staple piece of clothing you cannot live without?

I couldn't live without the good old leather jacket, it just goes with everything and you can just chuck it on and it makes any outfit look good.

9. What is the trend you hope never goes out of style?

The trend I hope never goes out of style is the checkered blouse undone with a top underneath. I think this style just looks so cute and even though it hasn't taken much thought to put together, It still looks amazing!

10. What trend did you love that passed way to quickly?

The long scarf  just around your neck with a black top tucked into jeans, I believe this passed so quickly I  didn't even get the chance to buy a scarf, this trend came and went with a click of the fingers.

11. Who is your fashion icon?

I don't think I really have a fashion icon, I kind of just see someone walking along the street and I think 'ooh I like what she's wearing' and then  go and buy it. But if I had to choose someone or a group of people it would be YouTubers such as Tanya burr or Zoella, I know many people would say these people but they just dress so well and they set trends, so probably I would class Zoella and Tanya Burr as my fashion icons.
I have another big thank you to make this week and that is for 1000 page views, to me that's a massive achievement  considering I have only had this blog just under two months, I have found it hard to gain a good following on twitter and other social medias and would just like to thank all of you who have RT my tweets  so other see and follow and to all those following me. 1000 Views may not be much to some of the bloggers who get over 500 views a day but I just want you all to know, to me it really big, so thank you.

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