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There are many high street clothing shops around, which may not always be for you. If you struggle finding a shop that suits your style then try the following high street shops included in this post. The shops featured still may not suit your style but if they do you get a bonus from reading this as you would have found a new shop that has what you like. I will leave links to their websites at the bottom of the post. Also, all the shops featured are personal favourites of mine

The frist shop that I absolutely love is  Urban Outfitters! This shop if you don't know already has everything from clothes to homeware. In my opinion, this shop contains the most beautiful homeware. Their stock is so unique they sell little picture frames with glittery water around, I mean how could you not want that? The clothes are also amazing they are hardwearing and again unique. The clothes are also within a good price range, but Urban Outfitters isn't the cheapest of shops, still what you buy is worth every penny

Another shop that I have fallen in love with over the past 6 months is Topshop. I find this shop has clothes for everyone and for every season. TopShop also keeps up with the latest trends and sometimes creates them. This shop is cheaper than Urban Outfitters, so this means its prices are very reasonable for many people, this is where I shop the most as the clothes are great value for money.I also shop here a lot as my closest Urban Outfitters is a train ride away from my local town. I really recommend this shop to many people, when I am with my friends we always seem to find a Topshop everywhere we go. 

The last shop I would like to mention is New Look. I have loved this shop since I was a little girl and I wear the 'generation' clothing from New Look. I find this label of clothing is or ages 8-15 years as when I get to about 16 (2 years time) I think I will have to change into women's clothing as they don't cater for 16-year-olds in my opinion. But, for now, the 'generation' clothing is good for me, I also wear some women's size 6's or 4's if they have them as they also fit me. New Look is the cheapest shop in this post.Eventhough the clothes are cheaper doesn't mean they aren't fashionable or hardwearing because they are I find the New Look clothes just as good  as Topshop and Urban Outfitters.


Urban Outfitters:


New Look:

I'm just showing my personality in my clothing.~Dwyane Wade

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