Face and hair products


Face and hair products

I use many products on both my face and hair to keep a smooth, spot-free face and soft bouncy hair. I have picked out a few items that are my favourites and that I think does the best job for me.On my face, I use creams and scrubs and on my hair I use protector sprays and treatments.

The first product on my list is the Garnier, Pure Active Intensive, Anti spot exfoliating scrub. The scrub is blue and has loads of little exfoliating balls within. I put the cream  on my face whilst I'm in the shower and scrub it in well, then I leave it to soak in. I wash it off after i have had a shower. On the bottle, it doesn't say how to use it  so I just use it how I use other face washes. You can buy this face wash in Tesco and maybe boots I can't remember where I got it from but I think it was Tesco. The Garnier brand can be expensive but the results it gives you are priceless I believe the Anti spot scrub cost around £3.00 - £5.00 for me I don't mind spending  £5.00 for a scrub that leaves me with a spot free face.

The next product that I love is Argan Oil hair treatment. This is an intensive hydrating treatment that repairs hair and leaves it looking shiny, smooth and healthy. This is exactly what I wanted in a hair product as I hate haveing rough unhealthy looking hair. To use this treatment, all you need to do is  put  2-3 drops of the oil into towel dried hair and there is no need to wash it out it so you can just style as usual. I believe you can get this hair treatment from anywhere, but I'm not sure as I got it as a present in my stocking, I do know that it costs about £4.50, this is depending on where you get it from. I highly recommend this product to people who straighten their hair a lot as it re-hydrates your hair very well.

Another skin product that I have been using for about 3 years now is the Nivea cream. The only bad thing I could say about it is that it is slightly greasy, but that doesn't stop me loving it. I use the Nivea cream after my shower and in the morning before putting my makeup on, it keeps my skin hydrated and looking clean. I got this cream from boots mine is 200ml and it cost £2.99 but you can get Nivea cream anywhere for different prices.

The last product is another hair product, it is a heat protector that you put in before drying your hair. OZ Botanics is the heat protector I use, I can't remember where I got mine from but it was only £1 so I thought I'd try it as I haven't tried heat protector before. Personally, I think that the Oz heat protector is good value for money and from the results given so far it does help prevent killing you hair as I have noticed ever since using it my hair is so much smoother. Again I highly recommend this product

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