2016 Goals


2016 Goals

I have many goals I would like to accomplish this year, some more achievable than others. For many years I have been setting new years resolutions and saying 'new year, new me' but this year I thought why should I make a new me? Why can't I just be happy with who I am, so this is why I have the come up with the goals I have set for this year because I don't want to change.I am happy with who I am.

My first goal for 2016 was to make a blog and here I am I have made my own blog! I know this is only my first proper post and I know that I haven't got a big audience at the moment but everyone has to start somewhere. The next part to this particular goal is to post twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) and get the posts up on time. I hope that if I post regularly that I will gain a community of readers who love what I write and enjoy reading what I have posted.

My second goal I have set myself for 2016 and one that I hope to stick to, improving my photography skills. Now that I have started a blog, in my opinion, photography is very important as photos play a big part in posts. I have always enjoyed taking pictures whilst out on walks of the leaves on the floor and the sunsets that are not always with a clear sky because after all, it is England. I use my phone for photography as I do not yet own a proper photography camera, but for now,  I think I will have to make do. I also use various editing apps to get cool effects and make the pictures more interesting.

The last goal I have for 2016 is to stay fit. I love to running and exercising, but I don't do enough. So for this year I have downloaded many apps to keep me fit, I have downloaded a running app a work- out app and a food app. Another part of this goal is to eat healthy this is why i downloaded a food app. I also want to stay healthy because I think it would be pointless doing loads of exercise regularly and then just eating unhealthy foods like chocolate. This doesn't mean I'm
going to completely cut chocolate out of my diet, it just means I will make sure it isn't my go to food and make healthy snacks my go to instead.

Comment what your goals are for 2016. This is your year too, make it about you.

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